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Friday, April 27, 2007

Fun Stuff - Do you want to know more about me?

“This my dear friends is a game called Chinese Freeze Tag - straight from the blog of Rebecca. What are the rules, you wonder? Well then, allow me to explain. What you are about to read are ten - hopefully - interesting facts and/or habits of mine. After you are done reading you will find a list of ten people in no specific order. These are the names of the innocent bystanders whom I have tagged and thus drawn into this game. They will then be forced to write their own blog listing ten interesting facts about themselves, and also select another ten people to tag - No Tag Backs! Very simple, hopefully interesting. Now, sit back, relax, and be amazed.”

1. I have no sense of direction underwater. If I go under the water, I can not figure out which way is up and start to panic. Lucky for me, once I panic and start flailing enough, I end up getting to the surface somehow. However in the meantime if you happened to be up above the water looking down at me you very well may see me under the water swimming in circles, thinking that I am headed toward the surface.

2. When filing things I have to sing the alphabet song to myself. Especially when it comes to alphabetizing things in the middle of the alphabet. I’ve heard if you get pulled over suspected of drunk driving, they make you say your alphabet backwards. I would fail that test even if I was totally sober.

3. When I am in extreme pain, I sing “Jesus Loves Me” to myself. Not loud, just quietly or sometimes just in my head. This has happened at least five times that I can think of off-hand. When I was in labor with each of my three children, when I miscarried (between Tyler & Austin’s births) and when I got a tattoo on our 10 year anniversary.

4. When I eat M&Ms I separate them by color and eat them one color at a time. I did not even realize I did this until someone at work started making fun of me. When I eat Lucky Charms I eat all the cereal first and then eat the marshmallows by color as well.

5. In my opinion only black licorice is real licorice. That red stuff is NOT licorice.

6. I have weird reactions to medicine. I went to a Women's Retreat one year and had a horrible headache (so did my friend Tanya). Someone gave us some Tylenol PM saying it would help with the headache and knock us out so we could sleep good. NOT! We were both wired until about 2AM. We are the only two people I know that react like that to it. Also, Pepto Bismal which is supposed to help your stomach when you are sick, makes me throw up, however I LOVE the taste of it. I love the pink Neccos that taste like Pepto Bismal (they don't make me throw up though!)

7. I love cheesy teen movies. You know, She’s Out of Control, Can’t Buy Me Love, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You. The list just goes on and on! I also tend to love “stupid” funny movies as I call them. Blazing Saddles, Rat Race, etc.

8. When I get really mad, I cry! I just can’t help myself. Not sobbing, just the tears running down my face.

9. I tend to be very loyal to my friends. If I feel someone is “attacking” one of my friends I will fight for them. I do not tend to do the same for myself though.

10. When I was younger I had horses. I raced barrels and participated in tons of other events such as pole-bending, flags, keyrace, and others. I went to state every year that I competed. I really miss having a horse and riding!

Okay, now comes the really hard part. Do I know 10 people in the cyberworld to tag? Becki is out since she tagged me and the rules state no tag backs. Here goes, in no particular order.

1. Burg - Deeper Shades of Red
2. Angela - Angela’s Right to Free Speech
3. Toni - Special K Family
4. Blessed1 - Daily Blessings
5. Lisa - Work at Home Mom Revolution
6. Shauna - Pass the Chocolate
7. Dana - Life Turned Upside Down
8. cdorsey - Angel Food Cake Isn't A Candle
9. Carla - Four by 40
10. Melissa - Cup of Tea With Me


Lisa said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged your for a meme on productivity. Gayla McCord at MomGadget tagged me, and asked me to tag a few people. Hope you can take part.

You can find the tag here:

If I've already left this comment, just ignore the duplicate. I'm delirious. It's after midnight.

Burg said...

I actually just did this one.. In fact, I tagged Rebecca, but I'll write more stuff if you want..

Rebecca said...

Holy cow! We are like cosmic twins or something! I always sing the alphabet song when filing - I use to think I was weird, now I know you and I are normal ;) I also seperate my M&M's by color! And I always save the marshmallows until the end in Lucky Charms!!! Also, I LOVE teen movies!!!

Ang said...


You know, I knew that because I had gone back and read yours. In fact Rebecca's post is how I found your blog. I was a bit out of it last night!

It is up to you whether you want to write more or if you want to just consider your previous post a response to mine as well!

blessed1 said...

Tylenol PM does the same thing to me! Crazy!

Dana said...

We are so much alike! Even down to the horse thing. I did everything from barrels to jumping. I look back at my pictures realize how much I miss it!