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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Potty Training Tip #1 - Be specific

We are in the process of beginning the attempt to potty train our middle child. Austin is our eldest son and is 2 1/2. He loves the idea of sitting on the potty, either the little one or on his special seat for mommy & daddy's big toilet. However, he does not really understand the purpose of it.

I don't have high hopes that we'll accomplish this training anytime soon, but I figure if he likes to sit on the toilet, maybe we'll get lucky and he'll figure it out.

So, mommy took him to the store to pick out some stickers (he loves stickers!) and made him a brightly colored chart that hangs over his little toilet in the bathroom. He is very excited to sit on the toilet and is even more excited about the idea of putting stickers on the chart. Tonight after Tyler's t-ball game we came home and made a "potty" attempt. Here is how it played out:

Austin sit on toilet and proceeds to fart. He smiles at mommy.

I did it mommy!

No honey. You need to go potty. That is a good start, but you need to actually potty in the toilet.

Oh! (This is his new thing, "Oh!")

Austin sits there for a few more seconds. He then looks down and points to his "lower region"

This stays down Mommy!

Yes, Austin. That stays down. Mommy appreciates that.

Austin sits for a few more seconds, then jumps up.

Mommy, I done potty! I get sticker now!

Mommy (looks in potty):
Not yet. You need to actually go potty in the toilet to get a sticker. There is nothing in the potty. See? (points to empty toilet) You need to put something in the potty to get a sticker."


Austin sits on toilet, holds the sides, scrunches up his face and grunts hard. He then gets up, turns around, looks in the toilet and then hocks a big fat loogey in the toilet.

Look mommy, I get sticker now! I put something in the toilet!

I guess I need to be more specific as to WHAT needs to go in the toilet.


Rebecca said...

LOL!!!! That is too much!!!!!

We are trying to potty train Benny right now too...what an ordeal!

Shauna said...


Carla said...

Thank you for that! I gave up today after 4 days.