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Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Blog - My Life

I have decided to divide my current blog Ang4him into three different blogs. This is one of those blogs.

Ang4him - A Moment in My Life is where I will share about the funny (and sometimes not so funny) moments in my life. This means you'll get to see lots of pictures on here of my family (especially my kids, since my hubby is a bit camera shy, as am I). You'll also read alot about little things my kids do, which should be entertaining since they are all under 6 years.

Here is a little bio about my family:

Shaun - my wonderful hubby of almost 12 years (August). We met in high school and started dating our Senior year. I fall more in love with him every day. Especially when I see him with our kids. He is a great husband and an even better father!

Tyler - our only daughter. She will be 6 in June and is in kindergarten this year. Since she is the oldest and the only girl, she tends to be a bit bossy towards her little brothers sometimes. She is a daddy's princess and is turning out to be our little athlete. She played soccer last summer, is playing t-ball right now and the neighbors are teaching her hockey (street hockey to be exact!) She is actually amazingly good at them all!

Austin - Although the middle child, he will never be the one who is ignored as is often the stereotype for middle children. He is our comedian. He will do anything to make you laugh, even if he knows he'll get in trouble for it. And I have to say he is adorable with that big ole dimple! He loves to terrorize his sister, but can be very cuddly and lovable too! He is 2 1/2 right now, oh what a fun age!

Jesse - This is our surprise baby. He is very active and alert. He is constantly watching his big brother and sister and I think he will learn alot from them. He is my good baby for the most part, however he does have a temper if he decides you've not done what he wants! He will be a year old the beginning of May.

In addition to this page, I will be keeping my original blog Ang4him. This will be the place I will continue to share what the Lord is teaching me in my walk with Him and in my studies. I am also starting a blog called Ang4him Reviews which is where I will review anything that I find worth sharing. This will be books, movies, websites, blogs and anything else I come across that I like!

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