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Monday, April 30, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Tyler had a bladder infection last month. First time she's had one but it was pretty bad. One Tuesday night she asked for prayer at House Church. Her exact words were . . .

"I need prayer. It hurts really bad when I pee!"

Announced to everyone with no shame.

The doctor was able to give her medicine to clear it up, however today she had to go in for a test. They were trying to see if she has what they call "reflux". (I think that is correct). I guess in some cases when you urinate it will go back up. They put a catheter in her and shot some dye in her to see if this was the problem. Unfortunately, she does have this "reflux" thing, but just a little.

Shaun took her in and said she did very good. The doctor said she handled it better than most adults.

I talked to her this evening and asked how it was. She explained to me what they did. I asked if it hurt and she said,

"No, I held onto daddy when they did it, so it did not hurt."

I'm sure it did still hurt, but because her daddy was there, all was well. She's a daddy's girl, that's for sure. This is something for me to think about as well. Even though I may go through pain in my life, if I hold onto my Daddy in Heaven, he will get me through!

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Dana said...

I had to go through that procedure with both of my girls. The oldest had the reflux, but thankfully, the youngest didn't. My oldest spent 8 years on daily antibiotics and had to have the VCUG test every year and ultrasound every six months. Thankfully, she grew out of it by the time she was nine. I wish you the best with this and if you have any questions about it, I am seasoned vet! Just let me know.